Stream Farm organic beef comes from our pedigree herd of Dexter, a rare breed renowned for the quality, flavour and marbling of its meat. Dexter cattle originated in the South West region of Ireland and are descended from the predominantly black cattle of the early Celts. The Dexter breed is the smallest-sized British breed of cattle.

Our animals are Pasture for Life certified, which means they have eaten nothing but pasture for their entire lives. They are slaughtered at about 30 months at a local, family-run, organic-certified abattoir, and then hung for three weeks.

We sell beef by the box (weighing about 12kg), jointed, bagged, labelled and (usually) fresh frozen. Each box contains either the rib of beef or the fillet (you choose which), 2-3 topside joints, a brisket, sirloin and rump steaks, braising steak, stewing steak and minced beef, and costs £169 (which works out at around £50 cheaper than Waitrose, cut for cut). Sometimes you will find us selling individual cuts at a Food Festival or Farmers’ markets; these cuts will be sold at market price for each cut. In 2023 our organic Dexter beef was awarded Gold at the Taste of the West awards.

We know the history of each of our animals in great detail and are able to vouch for the integrity of its meat. If you want to know more about it, please do not hesitate to email us.

We can deliver our beef boxes for free locally to the farm, as well as in Bristol.

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