Stream Farm is owned by Rupert and Sarah, and managed by Will and Charlotte.

Together, our vision is to have as many families as possible earning a sustainable livelihood from small-scale, regenerative farming businesses that complement each other, cross-selling under a common brand. To that end, nine businesses currently run across the 250 – acre farm, and we train up and gradually hand over the day-to-day management of each one to a share-farmer who comes, usually for a couple of years or so at a time.

Our hope is that through this model Stream Farm is able to show that the British countryside is far better served by large numbers of small farms or farming businesses selling their produce directly to those who are going to eat it, rather than by just a few huge farms selling to the supermarkets.

Why organic?

Small is beautiful


Farm Diversity

No to GM crops

We have also produced a number of posters about the values of our way of farming. Please click here to view them