Will and Pip – Bristol

Will and Pip live in Bristol and are passionate about seeing their city eating locally sourced, sustainably produced food. That's why they are involved in bringing Stream Farm's produce to Bristol consumers, restaurants, delis and hotels. Will also helped to establish the Organic Apple Juice business at Stream Farm.
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James and Henrietta – Cattle

James and Henrietta bought Stream Farm in 2002 – since then they have established all the small businesses on the farm. James manages our herd of Organic Pedigree Dexters which started with only 25 animals, and has since grown to 150. As his herd has developed to a sustainable...
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Sam – Spring Water

Sam is responsible for bottling our natural spring water – he captures the water as it bubbles up through our organic fields and into our spring, where it is then piped to a small bottling room. He filters the water and glass-bottles it, producing beautifully clean and natural tasting...
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Sam and George – Chickens

Meet Sam and George the chicken farmers – they live here on Stream Farm in a small barn conversion. Their day starts at sunrise when they are out feeding the chickens and bedding them up with straw. Sam is an excellent carpenter and so took it upon himself to...
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Matthew and Claire – Sheep

Matthew, the shepherd, looks after a flock of around 400 Organic Pedigree Hampshire Downs. His wife Claire and his three daughters are very much a part of his work; whether it’s counting sheep or delivering lambs, it’s a real family affair. They recently won three gold stars at the...
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Vernon – Rainbow Trout

Vernon farms stream-fed Rainbow Trout. Over the years he has worked hard to produce a great tasting fish and in 2012 he was awarded the Best Fresh Fish in the South West at the Taste of the West Awards. In 2013 we converted a small caravan into a smoking...
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