Stream Farm organic lamb comes from our pedigree flock of Hampshire Down, a solidly British breed renowned for the quality and flavour of its meat. Hampshire Down flocks were established over 150 years ago and originated by crossing the Wiltshire Horn and the Berkshire Knot with the South Down stock. There used to be large sales of this breed in Wilton, Overton and Weyhill, often with thousands of animals being sold at a time.

Our lambs are Pasture for Life certified, which means they have eaten nothing but pasture for their entire lives. They are slaughtered at around 6 to 9 months at a local, family-run, organic-certified abattoir a few miles away and are hung for a week before being butchered.

We sell the lamb by the half (between 8kg and 10kg in weight) jointed, bagged, labelled and (usually) frozen. Half a lamb consists of a leg of lamb, shoulder of lamb, rack of lamb, rolled breast of lamb, neck of lamb and chump and loin chops, and costs £14/kg.

We occasionally have mutton to sell; please call us to find out more.

We know the history of each of our animals in great detail and are able to vouch for the integrity and quality of its meat. If you want to know more about it, please do not hesitate to email us.

We can deliver our lamb boxes for free locally to the farm, as well as in Bristol.

Please contact us for wholesale enquiries.

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