In May 2018 we decided to scale up our organic pork business, from buying in weaners twice a year, and bought our first organic Large Black sow – Julie. Julie lives in the small orchard next to the main farmhouse, along with one of her daughters, Julia.

The Large Black is one of the rarest British breeds, native to Devon, and Britain’s only all-black pig. They are docile and hardy, which, along with their colouring, makes them well suited to outdoor living. Unlike many commercially-farmed breeds, Large Blacks have a high proportion of fat, giving a succulent and rich flavour to their meat.

We sell pork in boxes, as with our other meat, at £10/kg, jointed, bagged, labelled and (usually) frozen. Each box contains a quarter pig, which includes a shoulder, leg, belly, loin, loin chops and sausages.

In 2021 our organic Large Black pork was awarded Gold at the Taste of the West awards.

We know the history of each of our animals in great detail and are able to vouch for the integrity and quality of its meat. If you want to know more about it, please do not hesitate to email us.

We can deliver our pork boxes locally to the farm, as well as in Bristol.

Please contact us for wholesale enquiries.

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