“Stream Farm’s rainbow trout is without a doubt the finest I have ever tasted and their smoked trout is absolutely delicious”. Hywel Jones, Michelin Starred Executive Chef at Lucknam Park

A few years after moving to the farm we restored three old hatching ponds, which are fed from the stream that runs through the land. We buy in rainbow trout as fingerlings at about 4 inches long from a hatchery in Watchet and grow about 1500 across the three ponds at a time.

In 2013 we bought an old caravan on e-bay for £100 and added two smokers, converting it into our smoke-house! Both salt and wood smoke have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which is why brining and smoking has been used for hundreds of years as a way to preserve foods.

We sell our trout fresh, or fresh frozen as well as hot oak-smoked trout fillets, also fresh or fresh frozen. Sold fresh, our trout is £13.75/kg in the local area, and £14.75/kg elsewhere. Each fish is sold gutted and whole, and usually weighs around 450g. If you would like larger fish do ask. Our smoked trout is sold at £37/kg, in packs of single or double fillets ranging from 300-400g. Our fresh trout was awarded Gold for the 2022 Taste of the West awards, and our oak-smoked rainbow trout Gold in 2019.

We can deliver our trout locally to the farm, as well as in Bristol. Please contact us for wholesale enquiries.

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